During a spiritual energy healing session, you lay on a massage table in a safe and nurturing space, lit with soft candlelight and glowing salt crystal lamps, in a calming ambience enhanced by the tranquil vibes of peaceful music.

Being on the receiving end of energy healing feels like being immersed in an energy bath. As you lay on the massage table in a state of deep relaxation, you allow your body to receive what can feel like waves of high vibration energy washing over you. At times, it can feel like you are surrounded in a cocoon of nurturing energy. Other times, it feels like streams of energy are pulsing through your body.

The energy healing space is a sacred space created with a high healing intent, so that the energy comes from a high divine source.

Being immersed in these energies helps to raise your vibration, and helps you to clear energetic imbalances in your body and energy system.

Your spiritual energy healing session usually also includes a form of energy clearing. This may incorporate the soothing tones of tibetan chimes, the cleansing of an aura spray made with essential oils which are ideal for energy clearing, or the purifying smoke from incense or frankincense.

It's very common to get a build up of energies over time in your aura from the people around you, and your environment, be it at work, at home, while visiting others, or being in public like a shopping centre or supermarket. This energy build up can affect you emotionally and mentally. Having these energies cleared can leave you feeling clearer and more uplifted.

You may also be provided (most likely during a longer session) with intuitively selected self-care tools that you can take home with you, which are personally relevant for you, and which help you continue to provide yourself a healing focus after you have left the energy healing space.

This may include:

 - focus statements which are intuitively chosen specifically for you (read more about focus statements here),

 - a guided meditation which you can download from the meditation library on this website, and which is included as part of the session cost,

 - other energy related self-care practices like self-acupressure or EFT.

Session Types

Energy tune-up session (30 minutes, $50)

This session is mainly focused on providing energy clearing, chakra balancing, and some time for an energy healing immersion. It is a deeply relaxing experience in which you get to enjoy hands on energy healing. It is an ideal way to use as regular maintenance for an energy tune-up, or to just immerse yourself in a healing space for a period of time.

Full energy session (60 minutes, $85)

This session provides energy clearing, chakra balancing, and a longer time for an energy healing immersion. Having more time gives you an opportunity to go into a deeper space, and be on the receiving end of the healing energies for longer. You may also be provided with intuitively selected self-care tools which you can take home with you. 

About Claudio

Since 2002, Claudio has been involved with healing therapies that offer profound benefits, and which facilitate a shift toward greater well-being.

He is a certified massage therapist, and is a qualified practitioner of shiatsu, acupressure, anma, tuina, reiki, myofascial release, polarity therapy and reflexology.

His compassionate and therapeutic touch helps draw people into a deeply relaxed state, from which they can harmonise and connect with their own inner healing.


"My treatment with Claudio was a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience. The various techniques Claudio works with allowed my body to open up on a deep cellular level to release old patterns and energies, to renew and revive. I could feel a deep union taking place within me and felt very peaceful and whole afterwards."

- Marion (Adelaide, South Australia)

"I feel so nourished in my sessions with Claudio. I am able to find a space where I can deeply relax and let go, which is very replenishing to my soul. I highly recommend Claudio's beautiful heartfelt energy which carries you and nurtures you."

- Constance (Adelaide, South Australia)

About Energy Healing

Energy healing can be described as a form of gentle therapeutic touch which helps to restore balance and harmony to the energy systems of your body.

It is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, gentle pressure and focused energy work.

The effects of this kind of therapy are very soothing, and help you drift into a deeply relaxed state. This helps you go within and make contact with a deeper part of yourself.

By connecting with a high source of Universal Energies, a session helps the receiver to align with a higher vibration, and be rejuvenated with high vibrational energies.

The deeply healing and relaxing nature of this energy work can help you connect and feel more in tune with the emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Being relaxed and receptive to the healing qualities of the energy work promotes an alignment of your energies with a higher vibrational state. The effects of this can be helpful in gaining clarity about yourself, as well as issues or patterns you are dealing with, specifically when combined with self-care tools which may be recommended for you during your session.

Benefits & Why you would come for a session

To help reduce tension and feel calmer.

To help manage feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

To help promote emotional and spiritual wellness.

To experience deep and soothing relaxation.

To feel more centred and grounded.

For regular maintenance to help you feel an improved sense of well-being.


Claudio offers sessions in metro Adelaide, South Australia from:

Mahdena Natural Inspired Bodycare

142 Magill Road Norwood SA 5067

To make an appointment, you can message Claudio on 0421 822 620, or make an online booking.