Relaxing Bodywork

Relaxing bodywork is a deeply soothing and relaxing experience that can leave you feeling in a profoundly peaceful state.

For most people in today’s society, having a time when they can let go of their stress and feel at peace, is like gold.

Relaxing bodywork is adapted from the gentler forms and techniques of ancient eastern styles including anma, tuina, shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology and reiki.

Relaxing bodywork helps to induce a profoundly relaxed state using a slow, rhythmic and hypnotic style, along with moments of stillness, where it can work more with the body’s energy system, and act to revitalise and re-harmonise energy flows within your body.

The stress relief created by receiving a bodywork session have been observed to be quite profound.

How Relaxing Bodywork can help you

Studies have shown that various forms of healing touch therapies help to reduce stress and anxiety. People who receive regular sessions of these treatments report feeling healthier, and more robust.

Some of the benefits that receiving relaxing bodywork include:

  • Relieving tension in the body
  • Helping you to feel more energised
  • Helping to reduce stress levels
  • Feeling a greater sense of harmony within yourself

Some common experiences people have reported feeling after a session include:

  • Feeling more centred
  • Feeling completely blissed out
  • Feeling comforted
  • Feeling re-energised
  • Feeling a healthy reconnection to their body
  • Feeling a nourishing sense of peace, lasting well beyond the end of their session

Session Types

60 minute Relaxing Bodywork ($90)

This session is ideal to help you unwind, release tension and feel a sense of tranquility.

It is a deeply relaxing experience in which you get to enjoy a sacred time of rejuvenation and bliss.

About Claudio

Few things give me greater pleasure than seeing the look of bliss in a client’s face when they get off the table after receiving a relaxing bodywork treatment.

I feel that one of the gifts I have been blessed with is to be able to convey a soothing sense of calmness through the therapeutic touch I use in my bodywork.

I am a certified massage therapist, and a qualified practitioner of shiatsu, acupressure, anma, tuina, reiki, myofascial release, polarity therapy and reflexology. I draw upon this experience when giving a treatment, but my style is gentle and unique.

I have a caring, respectful and compassionate nature, which makes people feel at ease.


"Entering Claudio’s treatment room was like entering into a calming oasis. During my bodywork session, I felt cocooned within a peaceful energy which I felt surround my entire body." - Lucy

"I felt so tranquil. Claudio’s style of bodywork is amazing and very unique." - Malorie

The focus for a Relaxing Bodywork session is to provide you the most therapeutic and nurturing treatment possible, with the aim of improving health and well-being by inducing deep states of peace and relaxation.


Claudio offers relaxing bodywork sessions in metro Adelaide, South Australia from:

Botanic Integrated Therapies

35 Hackney Road, Hackney SA 5069

To make an appointment, you can message Claudio on 0421 822 620, or make an online booking.