Energy Healing

Imagine a healing sanctuary insulated from the outside world, offering support, nurturing and peace – this is what Energy Healing from the sacred space of Claudio’s healing room in Malvern, Adelaide offers for you.

An energy healing session helps clear energy influences that may be having a negative or limiting impact on you.

These may be influencing the kind of experiences you’re attracting to yourself, the level of stress you feel, and your general state of ease or unease.

This gentle style of hands on healing is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, soothing therapeutic touch, and focused energy work.

The effects of this are very relaxing, helping you drift into a deep and peaceful space.

Energy Healing helps to transmute limiting energy influences from your biofield, so you may feel more aligned with a higher energy state.

What reasons might you come for an Energy Healing session ?

  • You experience feelings of anxiety or overwhelm on a regular basis and you struggle to deal with it
  • You experience emotions that you find challenging to deal with
  • You don’t experience much harmony or peace within yourself
  • You keep repeating habits or patterns you know are not good for you
  • You feel bombarded by life, and you don’t feel the inner strength to cope with it

What an Energy Healing session feels like

During an energy healing session, you lay on a massage table in a safe and nurturing space, lit with soft candlelight and glowing salt crystal lamps, in a calming ambience enhanced by the tranquility of peaceful music.

Being on the receiving end of energy healing feels like being immersed in an energy bath.

As you lay on the massage table, you are coaxed through bodywork and energy work into a state of deep relaxation.

As you allow yourself to feel receptive to healing energies, you allow your body and energy field to receive what can feel like waves of high vibration energy washing over you. 

At times, it can feel like you are surrounded in a cocoon of nurturing energy.

At times, it feels like streams of energy are pulsing through you.

The energy healing space is a sacred space created with a high healing intent, so that the energy comes from a high divine source.

Being immersed in these energies helps to raise your vibration, and helps to clear negative energy patterns and imbalances in your body and energy system.

Where appropriate, you may also be provided with intuitively selected self-care tools and resources that you can take home with you, which are personally relevant for you.

These help you to continue providing a healing focus for yourself after you have left the energy healing space.

Energy Healing Divine Energies

Some ways you may feel after an Energy Healing session (or after a number of sessions)

  • Feeling calmer and with a greater sense of peace within yourself
  • Feeling more connected to your body and your Soul
  • Feeling more centered and grounded
  • Feeling a sense of restoration, renewal and rejuvenation
  • Feeling like a load has been lifted from your shoulders
  • You may experience a shift in your feelings or emotions
  • You may notice positive subtle changes in your feelings or behaviour
  • You may experience subtle transformational changes inside yourself
  • You may experience a greater sense of harmony within yourself and with others

About Claudio

I really enjoy using a calming and soothing style of energy work to help draw people into a deeply relaxed state, from which they can harmonise and connect with their own inner healing.

My Energy Healing sessions are a sacred space where you can receive energy clearing and energy balancing, and feel very comfortable, safe and nurtured to get in touch with the deeper parts of yourself that are ready for healing and transformation.

My main intent for your healing session is to create the  sacred space as an opportunity for you to feel safe to open up to and allow a process of healing to awaken from within you.

I have a peaceful, caring and compassionate nature, which I’ve been told helps to make you feel at ease.

The supportive nature in which I approach and perform my healing work is influenced by healing approaches like Hakomi, Rosen Bodywork, Energy Psychology methods, as well as my own inherent compassionate and empathic nature.


"My treatment with Claudio was a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience. The various techniques Claudio works with allowed my body to open up on a deep cellular level to release old patterns and energies, to renew and revive. I could feel a deep union taking place within me and felt very peaceful and whole afterwards."

- Marion (Adelaide, South Australia)

"I feel so nourished in my sessions with Claudio. I am able to find a space where I can deeply relax and let go, which is very replenishing to my soul. I highly recommend Claudio's beautiful heartfelt energy which carries you and nurtures you."

- Mia (Adelaide, South Australia)

"After my session with Claudio, I felt calm and peaceful and have continued that way. I don't know what he did. He has his own special style. Claudio is an amazing and gifted healer. I wholeheartedly recommend him."

- Lily (Adelaide, South Australia)


Claudio offers energy healing sessions from:

Botanic Integrated Therapies

35 Hackney Road, Hackney SA 5069

To make a booking for an Energy Healing with Claudio at his treatment room in Hackney Adelaide, book online or contact Claudio.