Energy healing immersion (40 minutes): $50
Energy healing and self-care (60 minutes): $85

It’s recommended that you wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably natural fibres.

It is also recommended to avoid eating anything heavy for at least one hour before your session, as this may lead you to feeling discomfort while you are lying down on the massage table.

Energy healing immersion (40 minutes)

This session is mainly focused on providing an energy healing immersion and energy clearing. It is a deeply relaxing experience in which you get to enjoy hands on energy healing. It is an ideal way to use as regular maintenance for an energy tune-up, or to just immerse yourself in a healing space for a period of time.

Energy Healing and Self Care (60 minutes)

This session provides both an energy healing immersion with energy clearing, as well as providing intuitive guidance through self-care tools which you can take home with you. This may include:

 - focus statements which are intuitively chosen specifically for you,

 - a guided meditation which you can download from the meditation library on this website,

 - other energy related self-care practices like self-acupressure or EFT.

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