Energy healing is a gentle hands-on therapy that is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, soothing therapeutic touch, and focused energy work. The effects of this are very relaxing and can usually assist you to drift into a deep and peaceful space.

An energy healing session is beneficial for helping to clear energy patterns that may be having a negative influence on you and how you feel.

Relaxation Therapy is a deeply soothing and relaxing experience that can leave you feeling in a profoundly peaceful state.

For most people in today’s society, having a time when they can let go of their stress and feel at peace, is like gold.

Relaxation Therapy helps to induce a profoundly relaxed state using a slow, rhythmic and hypnotic style, along with moments of stillness, where it can work more with the body’s energy system, and act to revitalise and re-harmonise energy flows within your body.