It’s by going within that you pave the way for making contact with the sacred within you. Sacredness is within you always, and is present every day. It just usually goes unnoticed. Life demands most of our attention most of the time, so this is no surprise.

What usually creates the need or circumstance to want to access something deeper is a motive or a reason, and this often comes about through difficulty or challenge. It’s often the challenging times in life that pushes someone to search for something more.

It can also come about from feelings of an emptiness inside, and from feelings of despair and despondence that there has to be something more to life. Feeling empty inside can be scary. It can be confronting and unsettling. Distraction is a common method to help make the uncomfortable feelings go away for a while.

But it’s being present with this feeling of emptiness that a door can open to something deeper. When you have the courage and perseverance to just be in the emptiness, and to be okay with it being there, you allow yourself to go beyond it.

Whether it be through challenge, searching for meaning, needing to find yourself, feeling empty, or just through intent, when you allow yourself to be present within yourself, and feel okay about looking inside yourself with whatever it is you will find, you allow yourself to open a door to something deeper.

When you’re in that deeper space, it’s like you access a place that somehow gives meaning to your existence. You recognise this by the feeling in your heart – it’s like a warm glowing vibration that makes you feel safe, and that makes you feel like you are in contact with a soft and loving presence. It feels like this presence knows you, and accepts you completely, flaws and all.

Making momentary contact with this presence can move you so deeply, that it can bring you to tears.

You’ve touched a sacredness inside, and there’s no way you can be the same again.

When you come back to the real world, after having felt that sacred presence within you, it somehow equips you with a new perspective of the things around you, and a resource to rely on and help you when you need it.

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