It can be an invaluable aid in handling life’s challenges when you are equipped with some sort of spiritual connection. This connection can help remind you that there’s more to life than what’s before your eyes. Having a spiritual connection helps you to look beyond the surface of life, and to see a deeper essence in people and the natural world.

Yet, it can be quite a challenge to maintain a consistent connection with this sense of spirituality because the pressure, stress and challenges that daily life dishes out can constantly throw you off your centre.

Modern life can demand so much of your time, attention and energy, that it makes it very difficult to keep yourself centred, and to keep your awareness at a place where you can feel a spiritual connection with an essence larger than yourself.

What does it mean to have a spiritual connection?

So what might it mean to have a spiritual connection? For some, it’s acknowledging that you are more than your body and mind. That you have a spiritual essence which is more than just a part of you – it’s more like this spiritual essence is wholly and completely who you are, and that your body, ego and mind are peripheral parts of this spiritual essence. The physical you is a temporary and partial expression of this spiritual essence. This higher essence is like a grander version of yourself, and is the source of the real you.

The higher essence within you connects you to a Higher Power. A higher power that gives Life to everything – our world and all life on this planet, and to worlds and life beyond that which we know about.

Having a spiritual connection helps you to see life from an expanded perspective. It helps you to recognise that you’re one thread in the tapestry that is life on Earth, and this can help you avoid getting caught up in the daily dramas which come along with life.

Having a spiritual connection is a way of creating support for yourself

Let’s face it, having emotions can be hard. To experience the feelings that emotions bring can be awesome, and it can be brutal.

Having a spiritual connection is a way of creating support for yourself when your feelings and emotions get to the point of being overwhelming.

When you are able to feel that you have a Higher connection to a spiritual essence containing wisdom and healing power beyond that which you may be fully capable of comprehending, it just somehow helps. You don’t feel quite so alone, and you feel more supported. This makes it easier to cope during times when everything feels so hard.

How can meditations help?

At the end of the day, maintaining a spiritual connection requires discipline and commitment. This requires energy, and if you are tired, depleted and consumed by daily life, this makes it a real challenge.

This is where the style of meditations found at can greatly assist. It can be a lot easier to concentrate and focus when listening to guided audio recordings, as against trying to meditate or go into stillness without guidance, and with a head full of thoughts.

Having a narrative to follow can make it much easier to create the spiritual connection you need, especially during times when life is so incredibly busy, demanding and tiring.

Sometimes, when you only have a short time to spare, following a guided narrative can be more effective in helping to create a deeper spiritual and healing connection.

When done consistently, making contact with this state may come more easily. The meditations become a resource for creating an inner state that you can contact more regularly, to help you throughout your day.

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