Having a sense of spirituality can really help you during times when you feel isolated, or unable to relate to the world, or to the people around you.

In basic and non-convoluted terms, having a sense of spirituality recognises the presence of a higher essence inside yourself, as well as a higher essence inside other people.

Practical Spirituality recognises a higher essence inside everyone, but also recognises that everyone is at a different level of understanding and maturity about this. It recognises that each person has a different level of connection with their higher essence, however large or small that may seem to be. And then it finds a way to be at peace with it all.

Whoever said it was easy?

You may have times when you just don’t relate to the attitudes and behaviours of the people around you.

So how can practical spirituality be of value in your life?

The ultimate aim of a spiritual life is to see the world through the eyes of your Higher Self. This means having a perception which is backed by Love.

And I don’t mean a fluffy sense of love which avoids or denies the pains or hardships of life.

It’s a higher sense of Love which transcends these, and helps you to overcome adversity.

It’s a kind of Love which says:

“I see your pain and it’s okay that you’re feeling that way, because I love you anyway”.

When you can say that to yourself and mean it, you’ve tapped into a real form of self-love.

When you can look at someone who has offended you or made you upset or cross, and say to yourself:

 “I’m really upset about what you did or said, and I also see that you’re not coming from your heart. I see it for what it is, which is a lack of connection to your core essence from your part, and I will try not to get caught up in that.”

This kind of perception in times of duress is where having a sense of practical spirituality can really see you through.

A​​​​​s an alternative to feeling judgement, you could try to see the behaviour of other people as being a measure of how closely they are aligned with their higher essence.

Avoid getting caught up with what your external world is presenting to you.

Feel inside for your own connection to your core higher essence, and let that be your anchor.

Let this sense of connection make you feel at peace with yourself, despite whatever storm is blowing in your external world.

This is where practical spirituality can give you a true value of peace.

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