I just want to talk briefly about a very helpful and empowering self-care tool that I call a Focus Statement. This is something that I often give to my clients as a take home tool after they have an energy healing session with me, because of its powerful ability to help you shed layers of suppressed emotions and feelings, and to diffuse limiting beliefs.

A focus statement is much like an affirmation, in that it has a similar aim in transforming negative beliefs and thought patterns that hamper your well-being.

The drawbacks of using a traditional Affirmation approach

As you probably know, an affirmation uses positive language to implant a positive mindset, and to implant positive feelings and thoughts, with the aim of empowering you to cultivate better patterns and habits.

But what often happens with using affirmations, is that this positive mindset and feeling is forced or faked, and can end up having little effect.

Sometimes the pretend positivity can actually cause your body to tense and recoil, at something you are forcing on yourself which you simply don’t believe, and which in turn makes you feel more anxious and fearful on a deeper level (and which usually gets suppressed).

How does a Focus Statement work?

A focus statement is worded in a positive empowering way, as a normal affirmation would be. However the purpose of the focus statement is to see if it evokes a feeling or if it stirs something within you. It doesn’t matter if the feeling or reaction is positive or negative, but it’s what you do with this that will be different in each case.

This approach uses mindfulness while saying the focus statement to yourself (either silently or out loud). You observe yourself as honestly as possible, and be mindful of how you are reacting to the focus statement, and what it may trigger inside you. The reaction could be a positive uplifting feeling, or it could evoke a subtle fear, anxiety, or emotional response.

The practice of affirmations would normally try to suppress a negative feeling, and attempt to override it with forced or faked positivity.

This is inherently unhealthy, and further adds to the suppression of true feelings inside you.

The difference with a mindful focus statement approach is to adopt an accepting demeanour and attitude to a negative feeling or reaction, if that is what comes up for you.

Regardless of your reaction to the focus statement, it’s important to be mindful of what you feel, and be accepting of whatever feelings get evoked.

You can be completely authentic with yourself, whether the statement makes you feel elated and expansive, or whether it makes you want to crawl into a hole or cry.

There is no right or wrong reaction.

Just mindfulness and acceptance, which in turn can be extremely helpful partners in your healing process, and in maintaining your wellness.

The use of mindfulness with an accepting attitude can help the body to process and eventually release suppressed feelings and emotions, so that over time, you are more likely to embody the positive empowering message within the focus statement.

During an energy healing session, Claudio intuitively selects focus statements for his clients that are specifically relevant for them. He gives them personal instruction on how to use focus statements for themselves, as part of the healing session service. Read more about Claudio’s energy healing sessions here.

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