my sacred source prayer audio

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Realise you are more than your physical body. Your consciousness is connected to a greater source. This source is ever present and is all around you. It penetrates the fibres of your being and animates your physical self.

Become conscious of this and remind yourself who you really are. A sacred soul, a spark of the Divine.

Rest and recharge upon the shores of this awareness.

Let yourself be renewed from recognising the grandness of your spirit, and the Light you are here to shine for the good of all.

Remind yourself through this audio that you are so much more than what your eyes perceive, and that you are ever connected to a Grand Source of Divinity. This is the true source of your strength, light and truth.


Your purchase gives you:

• An mp3 of the prayer audio (minus the chime overlay) with measured pauses in the narrative, to give you time to reflect and let the words really sink in, or to recite the words of the prayer as you listen to it, in easy to remember portions.
Calming background music helps to deepen the peaceful inducing effects of the prayer audio.

• A PDF transcript of the prayer.

Read more for how to use prayer audios


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