Emotional Healing with Divine Love


This meditation guides you through a process where you can connect with the blessings of Divine Love, to assist you with any emotional healing you may be needing.

You are guided to connect with your body and your feelings, where you can acknowledge how you truly feel inside yourself.

With the use of your breathing, you are then encouraged to connect with a deep and sincere acceptance for yourself, and for what you are feeling.

By feeling heart felt accept for yourself, you create a very solid foundation for finding peace within your emotions.

You are encouraged to build on this foundation by opening your heart, and allowing yourself to be washed in loving nourishing energies of Divine Love.

Ideally suited for helping with emotional healing, and as a way to get in touch with your true feelings, and finding a way to make peace with them.

Duration: 22m 15s

Includes separate mp3 files with ambient background music, and with narration only.

Listen to a sample:


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