Embracing my emotions with Divine Love

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This meditation takes you through a 3 step process in which you can bring a greater sense of balance and harmony with the feelings and emotions you’re carrying (that you may or may not yet be aware of).

1. Use mindfulness to observe and be a witness to the emotions and feelings inside yourself that come to your awareness.

2. Cultivate an attitude of acceptance for the feelings you’ve observed. Allow this sense of acceptance to be deepened in your body.

3. Immerse yourself in a healing space by inviting higher energies of Divine Love, with the aim of instilling a greater sense of harmony and balance inside yourself, in respect to these emotions and feelings.

The melodic and calming ambience created by this meditation helps and encourages you to feel more at ease, and gently leads you to embrace a sense of love and acceptance, with the intent of surrendering to a deeper level of spiritual/emotional healing from within.


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