divine spark within me prayer audio

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This prayer helps you to maintain a close and strong spiritual connection with your Higher Self. Use it often to serve as a powerful reminder of who you truly are as your core self, beneath your character and physical body.

Your Higher Self is a true source of personal power and inner strength, which this prayer helps you to consciously connect with.

Your Higher Self is an integral part of your intuition, which serves to subtly guide you in ways that are for your highest good. This prayer helps you to consciously invite this intuitive connection and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance.

At the highest level, use this prayer to help you into a mindset which aligns your will and intentions with that of your Higher Self. Aligning your will with Divine Will invites the highest harmony and flow into your life experience.


Your purchase gives you:

• An mp3 of the audio with pauses in the narrative, to give you time to recite the prayer as you listen to it, in easy to remember portions.
Using this version of the audio relieves you of the need to memorise the prayer. The combination of background music and narrative pauses make it an effective way to recite the prayer.

• An mp3 of the audio minus the additional narrative pauses (same as the online version minus the chimes).
This version is great for just listening to the prayer. It’s a more passive way to absorb the energy and intent of the prayer.

• An mp3 audio which is a sequenced version that combines the above listen and recite versions together. The listening portion helps you set the energy and intent of the prayer, the recite portion is where you can say the prayer yourself from the heart, and then the audio ends with some calming background music to give you time to reflect and integrate the energies of the prayer.

• A PDF transcript of the words in the prayer.
Should you have a strong connection with the prayer, use the transcript to memorise the prayer so you can recite it as needed.

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