Prayers for Inspiration and Upliftment

Use these prayer audios to help you into a mindset to rise above feelings produced by stressful or challenging times.

Use them to help you feel uplifted, and to tune in to the guiding light from a loving higher force.

They can help you light a flame of hope, and can act as a guiding beacon during times when you feel lost, disconnected or in despair.

They encourage you to focus in ways that are more naturally inclined to steer you toward greater empowerment and resilience.

Immerse yourself in the energy of the prayers with the aim of raising your vibration.

Realise you are more than your physical body. Your consciousness is connected to a greater source. This source is ever present and is all around you.

Become conscious of this and remind yourself who you really are. A sacred soul, a spark of the Divine.

Rest and recharge upon the shores of this awareness.

Remind yourself through this audio that you are so much more than what your eyes perceive, and that you are ever connected to a Grand Source of Divinity. This is the true source of your strength, light and truth.

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This prayer helps you to maintain a close and strong spiritual connection with your Higher Self. Use it often to serve as a powerful reminder of who you truly are as your core self, beneath your character and physical body.

Your Higher Self is an integral part of your intuition, which serves to subtly guide you in ways that are for your highest good. This prayer helps you to consciously invite this intuitive connection and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance.

At the highest level, use this prayer to help you into a mindset which aligns your will and intentions with that of your Higher Self. Aligning your will with Divine Will invites the highest harmony and flow into your life experience.

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One of the greatest things you are here on this Earth to achieve, is to fulfill the intentions and aspirations that your Soul has set for you, in this journey called your Life.

More often than not, obstacles get in the way and this includes your fears, insecurities, buried emotions from past traumas, holding onto grievances and resentment, or having an inability to forgive or move on.

Use this audio to help you into a mindset, in which you can lower your barriers and resistance so as to allow a higher healing to take place inside you, that may lead to an inner transformation which helps you transcend the obstacles mentioned above (which may be inhibiting you from being in closer alignment with your Soul).

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What you receive with a prayer audio purchase

  • An mp3 of the prayer audio (minus the chime overlay) with measured pauses in the narrative, to give you time to reflect and let the words really sink in, or to recite the words of the prayer as you listen to it, in easy to remember portions.
    Calming background music helps to deepen the peaceful inducing effects of the prayer audio. 
  • A PDF transcript of the prayer.