Prayers for Comfort Strength and Peace

Use these prayers in times of need, when you need some extra support to help you cope through hard times.

They invite feelings of peace, and invite calls for strength, to help counteract feelings of worry, anxiety and despair.

They can also be helpful with depression, helping to ease feelings of isolation, encouraging you to push the boundaries around yourself to include room for assistance through a Divine Higher Power.

This prayer encourages you to reach out to God/Divine Source in a very heartfelt way, with a call to invite a deep and meaningful connection from within your heart.

Embracing the presence of Higher Love around you can help you to feel at ease, allowing its power to melt away fears, and to invite feelings of safety and strength.

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This prayer guides you to ask for Angelic assistance in surrounding you with strength and support.

It invites you to feel the loving presence of God shine through the Angels.

It invites you to feel peace in knowing that God and the Angels are always by your side.

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This is a very cleansing prayer, that calls for assistance to dispel the effects of any disharmony which may be affecting you.

It helps you enter a state of presence where your energy and vibrations can be raised and uplifted in ways that help bring you greater feelings of harmony and peace.

Breathe deeply throughout this prayer audio, and trust that there are divine energies working upon and around you for your upliftment in response to your request.

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When using this prayer to ask for blessings for yourself, or for those you love, get into a quiet inward space and connect with your heart.

Ask for blessings with an open heart, and with no expectations or demands.

By connecting as strongly as you can to the force of Love in your own heart as you use this prayer, the greater the field of energy you create in which the blessings can flow.

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  • An mp3 of the prayer audio (minus the chime overlay) with measured pauses in the narrative, to give you time to reflect and let the words really sink in, or to recite the words of the prayer as you listen to it, in easy to remember portions.
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