A Guide for using Prayer Audios

Prayer audios help your mindset become more spiritually aligned and focused.

They help to deepen your spiritual connection in a very meaningful and personal way.

Prayer audios help you reach out in your moments of need. They assist and invite you to tap into a reservoir of support, available from an Infinite Higher Power which constantly surrounds you. When you ask for that support, it is more freely supplied.

To enhance the effects, be very present, and allow the words to really sink in as you listen to them.

If you like, you can repeat the words silently or out loud as you listen to them. This helps to make it feel like the prayer is coming from you. The more you feel and own the words as you speak them, the more profound the spiritual connection becomes.

Use these prayer audios to help you into a mindset to rise above feelings produced by stressful or challenging times.

Use them to help you feel uplifted, and to tune in to the guiding light from a loving higher force.

They can help you light a flame of hope, and can act as a guiding beacon during times when you feel lost, disconnected or in despair.

They encourage you to focus in ways that are more naturally inclined to steer you toward greater empowerment and resilience.

Immerse yourself in the energy of the prayers with the aim of raising your vibration.

Prayers for comfort, strength and peace

Use these prayers in times of need, when you need some extra support to help you cope through hard times.

They invite feelings of peace, and invite calls for strength, to help counteract feelings of worry, anxiety and despair.

They can also be helpful with depression, helping to ease feelings of isolation, encouraging you to push the boundaries around yourself to include room for assistance through a Divine Higher Power.

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