Whether you experience occasional bouts of depression, or if it’s something you have to deal with on a daily basis, the state of depression you feel can incapacitate you, and make you feel worthless, desperate and alone.

When you are in the midst of depression, your self-esteem usually gets obliterated.

You may feel that you don’t make a difference to anyone else’s life.

It might feel like there is nothing you can do that will make your life better.

Feeling the depths of despair

When depressed, it’s sometimes hard to see the point of life.

Does it really matter if you live or die?

Would anyone really care?

Being in a state of intense depression can make you feel like you’re in a hole which is all too hard to get yourself out of.

The hole can feel so deep that it seems like you have to climb a mountain to get out.

That feeling can bring you to despair.

Even a less severe depression can make you feel isolated, disconnected, lacking in energy, lacking purpose, lacking direction, or lacking inspiration.

The underlying protection which a state of depression offers

Depression is a state of mind that isolates you from a source of pain.

It creates a barrier around you, and encloses you in a protective cocoon to buffer you from the challenging circumstances and feelings that life is making you experience.

It is a state that provides a way of coping and dealing with the hardships of life.

For this reason, a depressed state can sometimes become comfortable.

This makes it difficult to transcend this state.

Many times, you may not even care to transcend it, because it somehow feels safe to be in it.

It can give you a good reason to not have to deal with difficult people, and society’s expectations.

It can also be a protective mechanism to help you cope with the falseness and insanity of the current state of the world.

How can meditation help ?

Being made to feel like you are not alone, can give tremendous relief to someone who is suffering from depression.

Being made to feel like you are understood, and that you are supported, can give you a tremendous boost, and can take the edge off a desperate state of being.

Being made to feel that your existence does make an important difference in the lives of people around you, can be life changing.

A spiritually focused guided meditation can help you connect and identify with a greater part of yourself that you may be unaware you possess.

This can help trigger a shift in your focus, which can be a catalyst to seeing yourself and life in a different light.

The effect of listening to such meditations can be like a having soothing balm applied to a sore wound.

If you are someone dealing with depression, how much pain is enough pain to propel you into wanting to do something about it?

Guided meditation can be one of a number of ways in which you can take small steps toward taking your life back.

These guided meditations focus on helping you feel understood, accepted, supported and empowered.

They provide a means with which you can be assisted into a mental state to more readily help yourself deal with your depressed state.

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