Guided Meditations

These meditations focus on creating calmness, peacefulness and relaxation, as well as cultivating an inner state promoting emotional and spiritual healing.

These each create a calming ambience and take you on an inner journey through the soothing tones of the narrative. (Previews contain a background chime which is removed in your download.)

Sometimes the simplest meditations are the most powerful.

This simple meditation guides you to tune into and use the power of your breath, to release tension and stress from your body.

From within a deeply calming ambience which helps you to let go, you are guided and invited to immerse yourself into a deeply relaxing space.

Includes an additional track which is an extended version.

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This meditation takes you through a 3 step process in which you can bring a greater sense of balance and harmony with the feelings and emotions you’re carrying (that you may or may not yet be aware of). [Read more]

The melodic and calming ambience created by this meditation helps and encourages you to feel more at ease, and gently leads you to embrace a sense of love and acceptance, with the intent of surrendering to a deeper level of spiritual/emotional healing from within.

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Let the outside world fall away, and feel safe, peaceful and protected in a calming sanctuary created in your inner world, and coloured by your creative visualisation and concentration.

Each time you do this meditation, you have an opportunity to add detail to the peaceful space you create from within your mind, and make it into an Idaho that you can retreat into when you need it.

A peaceful energy is at the heart of what you are creating, that you can integrate within yourself and carry with you outside of the meditation in your daily life.

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Sometimes we need to reach out to a higher source in order to lift our inner vibration, and cultivate an inner state from which positive healing shifts can take hold.

This meditation helps you to recognise the loving spiritual power of the universe that you can call upon to help you toward cultivating a more balanced inner state, from which subtle positive shifts can potentially impress themselves upon your awareness.

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