This guided meditation provides a calming narrative that helps you sink into a very relaxed state.

It helps you to detach from your external pressures and invites you to put aside your worries and stress.

By bringing your awareness to your breath, this meditation guides you through a process to help you release tension from your body, and assists you to deepen into feelings of peace.

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Imagine being able to visit a special tranquil space where you can feel calm, peaceful and relaxed when you really need it.

In this meditation, you are guided to use visualisation to create your very own private peaceful inner sanctuary. A place where you can feel safe, protected, and completely at ease. A place that vibrates peace, and which engulfs you in that peaceful energy.

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This guided meditation helps you connect with feelings of love and appreciation for yourself.
Having self-love is not coming from vanity or ego, but from healthy sense of self respect. You are more likely to be authentic and true to yourself if you have a healthy sense of self love.

Self love also means becoming aware of the judgements you have about yourself, and becoming more accepting of who you are as a person.

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