Like it or not, stress is a constant part of our everyday life.
Whether it be a mild dose of daily challenges, or a constant state of worry, or a feeling of complete overwhelm at not being able to cope, stress is sadly a daily companion for almost all of us.

There may be days where finding a few moments of peace throughout your day can feel like an impossible task.
Many times, it can be the mind engaging in constant thinking and incessant worry that brings you endless feelings of stress. If you were able to create a few minutes of calming relaxation at least once per day, where you could disengage from this mental activity, it can have a very positive influence on your day.

These guided meditations are specifically created to help lead you into a deeply relaxed state, where you can momentarily disengage from your stressful thoughts.

It has been demonstrated in the workplace that people who spend a few minutes immersed in a guided relaxation meditation can function better, and manage their tasks and duties with better efficiency.
It’s not uncommon to find work places providing employees with allocated times and spaces for engaging in relaxing meditation, to help them better manage stress at work.

These guided meditation audios, which can be played on your phone or iPod, can be squeezed into a short 10-15 minute break.

Creating a regular practice of meditation can assist to train your body to more easily remember what a relaxed state feels like.
Contacting a calm and relaxed state more often can help to reprogram a new baseline state within you, in which coping with everyday stress somehow seems more attainable.

These guided meditations are designed to lead you into a deeply relaxed state that can help take the edge off your stressful feelings.
Make yourself comfortable, listen to the narrative, and follow the guided process to help you contact your calm inner space.