Anxiety is a debilitating state that affects most people to some degree.
Many experience a mild to medium form of anxiety as a result of the day to day challenges of life.
Money problems, family problems, relationship issues, and health problems are amongst the greatest source of anxiety for most people.
People who are dealing with the loss of a loved one frequently experience an intense period of anxiety, as they adjust to life without their loved one.

Some people experience anxiety with greater intensity, and have to deal with its crippling effects on their lives.
This intensity of anxiety can make you feel like you are in a constant grip of panic and fear.
It can make you feel isolated and alone.
It can make you feel like you are living a life within a prison of your own fear.

These guided meditations are specifically created to cultivate a platform of support, and to help relieve the intensity of the feelings that anxiety can produce within you.

Whichever part of the anxiety spectrum you may find yourself in, you probably feel like you are alone in experiencing your symptoms.
You may feel like it’s something that may never get better, and which just needs to be endured.
You may feel you need to suppress or dampen your feelings because they are just too much to bear.
You may feel the need to resort to anti-depressants or other addictions in order to barely get by.

Meditation does not pretend to be a cure for anxiety, however it can produce some much needed moments of relief.
It can also help you come to terms with the feelings that anxiety can produce, and find a greater capacity for acceptance. A genuine feeling of acceptance can lead to profound changes within you.

These meditations assist you to disengage from your external pressures, and assist you to contact an inner space where you can experience moments of peace. They can help you to feel like you are not alone in your pain, and also may help you to feel that support is available to you.

Meditation can be a very useful self-care resource for helping you manage your anxiety.
If a meditative state is contacted often enough, it can help to reprogram a new baseline state within you.
This feels like you connect more often with an inner state of calmness and acceptance, that seems to make it more possible to cope with uncomfortable feelings.

These meditations lead you through a very calming narrative, and guide you through a simple process to help you contact your own calm inner space.