Emotions are what make us human, yet they can be the greatest source of pain for us. When we are besieged by strong and powerful emotions, they can sweep is in a tide of uncomfortable feelings and cause us to feel completely overwhelmed.

These guided meditations create a very comforting space in which you can feel deeply relaxed, and feel safe to explore your feelings and emotions.

Emotions are your body’s communication medium.
We usually either don’t understand this, or don’t want to listen.
As a result, emotions can become suppressed and buried inside our bodies. They can remain locked within muscles, tissues and organs for days, months, or even years. The effect of this can be far reaching.

These guided meditations lead you through a process where you can explore and become aware of where you may be holding your emotional or physical tension in your body.

You are guided through a narrative which helps you tune into yourself.

You take the time to notice what you would not normally pay attention to.

An important key to unlocking buried feelings is to acknowledge their presence, and to be accepting of them.

This means being honest with yourself about how you feel, and being kind and accepting of the fact that you feel that way.

Cultivating a genuine acceptance of your feelings, and acceptance of yourself as a person, can be a huge step toward lasting change.

These guided meditations lead you into a receptive state where you can be open to accepting your feelings, and to be accepting of yourself.

They encourage you to deeply and completely accept yourself.

When this is done genuinely, the effects can be transformational.