About Claudio

Claudio started in the field of healing therapies work in 2002 when he discovered his gift and passion for energy healing during a number of spiritual healing weekend workshops.

Over the course of the following years, he went on to become a certified massage therapist, and he received qualifications in a diverse range of healing modalities, including shiatsu, acupressure, anma, tuina, reiki, myofascial release, polarity therapy and reflexology.

He has practiced as a bodywork practitioner for many years in several health clinics in Adelaide South Australia. In recent years, he has felt guided and called to focus his therapy in a spiritually focused form of energy healing, his original inspiring passion.

Claudio brings a grounded and practical spiritual approach to his energy healing practice. He has a deeply compassionate nature, and makes people feel very comfortable with his kind, gentle and accepting demeanour.

His hands-on healing work has a very gentle and therapeutic feel, and connects with you on a deep energetic level.

Claudio resides in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two daughters.

About the Guided Meditations at SoulHeartHealing.com

Claudio’s practice in meditation has deepened over the years to become more spiritually and healing focused, with a mindful awareness of the energetic effects created by the meditation. His recording of personal guided meditations is an evolving work in progress, which Claudio started as a means to provide self-care tools for his clients.

The meditations at SoulHeartHealing.com are inspired to help you with the emotional and spiritual aspects of your well-being.

The ultimate goal of each meditation is to help align your inner state with a more empowering, healing and peaceful essence.

Meditation has been used for generations as a resource for helping people contact a calm inner space. This inner space is a place where you can disengage from the demands and pressures of your surroundings and daily life, and also as a means to connect with a higher spiritual essence that is meaningful to you.

Many people find meditation difficult because they find it challenging to maintain an empty focus without getting drawn into the current of their mental thoughts and mind chatter.

Guided meditation is different from private meditation in that it provides you with a narrative that you can calmly listen to, which guides you through a process to contact your calm inner space. You simply follow the narrative. Doing this helps to keep the intrusion of your mental thoughts at bay, because your mind is occupied in following the narrative.

Accompanied by ambient background music, along with the soothing tones of a calming narration, it’s very easy to be swept into a blissful feeling of peace.

Every guided meditation available on this site is specifically created to assist you with an aspect of personal growth and healing. This includes guiding you into a relaxing state to help manage stress, helping you deal with your emotions, helping you connect with higher universal energies for healing, helping you connect with the higher essence within you.

Many meditations on this site are heart centred meditations, meaning that they focus on helping you cultivate a connection with your heart. For it is from a genuine heart connection that one is able to make contact with a place of emotional and spiritual healing within themselves.

Each meditation is an original piece, writtten and recorded by Claudio, and inspired by his inner reflections .