About - The Vision for Soul Heart Healing

My intent with the inspired content on this website, is to use it as an avenue for connecting with all people who have a common need for feeling more hope, comfort, support and inner peace.

We all have to contend with our worries and stress in our own ways. We are all people doing our best dealing with the ups and downs of life.

My vision is to contribute a pool of resources, channelled through my creativity, inspiration and experience, to provide you with a means of accessing a source of strength, comfort and love, that helps you to transform your inner state, to one that is more calm, more at peace, and more at one in your relationship with a Higher Spiritual Source (whatever that spiritual source means for you).

Whether it be through energy therapy sessions, or through meditation and healing circles, or whether it be through the production of prayer and meditation audios, or through inspired writing, my goal is to facilitate your reconnection with the healing qualities of a higher spiritual essence, for the purposes of helping you feel more balanced, more centered, and more at peace.

My goal is to help strengthen your connection to the healing, wisdom and awareness you already have inside.

It’s my belief that when you cultivate and strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self, and with the Higher Divine Source of the Universe (whether you would call that God, Divine Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, or something else), you don’t feel quite so alone, and you equip yourself to draw upon a source of strength, love and support that is available to you.

If you’re finding life hard, challenging and overwhelming, then having this source of strength and assistance is vital to helping you transform your ability to not just cope, but to function so much better. Your immediate world expands to include something much greater than yourself, and that something is working with you and for you, in a positive and supportive way, to enhance the quality of your experience.

The whole purpose behind Soul Heart Healing, is to be a light (amongst many) that is here to help you toward achieving your own ongoing inner transformation. To help you reach out and lean on a source of spiritual support from the Universe that is always there, ready and waiting to assist you, as you bring yourself into closer alignment with the higher part of yourself.

About Claudio

Claudio is the creative spirit behind SoulHeartHealing.com.

For most of his life, he has felt a deep connection with his inner self and with the hidden side of things.

He started in the field of healing therapies work in 2002 when he discovered his gift and passion for energy healing during a spiritual healing weekend workshop.

Over the course of the following years, he went on to become a certified massage and bodywork therapist, and he received qualifications in a diverse range of healing modalities, including shiatsu, acupressure, anma, tuina, reiki, myofascial release, polarity therapy and reflexology.

His hands on therapy work has evolved and grown from many years of working with clients, in a diverse range of natural health clinics around Adelaide..

His creative production of meditation and prayer audios grew from inspirations that he felt called to create for his clients, as resources they could use to help them in their personal healing and development outside of sessions.

Claudio brings a grounded and practical spiritual approach to his energy healing practice. He has a deeply compassionate nature, and makes people feel very comfortable with his kind, gentle and accepting demeanour.

He resides in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife and two daughters.

Creating Inspired Soulful Content

All of the articles, prayers and meditations on this site are original pieces I have created.

The creation process for this content all involve getting into a zone in which inspiration can flow.

This snippet from my journal describes an example of how inspired content gets created.

Getting into the zone of connecting with my creative inspiration

The golden sunshine streams down upon me, filling me with warmth and healing, as I sit on the ground in nature amongst the trees, noticing the sounds from a nearby running stream and the chirping of birds.

My body is discharging the build up of energy that has accumulated during the day. Accumulations of stress from things like getting the kids to school on time in the morning, navigating heavy traffic on the road, being inundated at work, being in the energy of a busy office environment, more traffic stress after work, and the subtle yet undeniable influence of the collective anxiety and stressed energies from over a million inhabitants in the city in which I live.

Sitting in nature in the golden light of a late spring afternoon is like a soothing balm on my tired and achy body. The pressure in my head from the hundreds of thoughts in my mind, all competing for my attention, is eased away, and my mind is able to come more at rest, as I take a deep breath and close my eyes, pointing my face into the glowing rays of sunshine.

It’s hard to describe or explain, but what I’m feeling is a weird sensation that feels both uncomfortable and relieving. It’s sort of like when you have pins and needles in your leg, and the blood is starting to rush back. You know it’s good for you, but it feels uncomfortable, and you know you just have to see the process through.

What I’m feeling is like a discharge of static, leaving my body, flowing outwards as well as down into the ground.

The trees surrounding me, the earth below me, the golden sunshine above me, are all working together to cleanse my energies from the built-up energies which I’ve collected during my day, and they are slowly directing it out of my body – partly evaporating outward from all sides around me, and partly being funnelled into the Earth.

I remain mindful during this time. I’m observing all the sensations I am feeling.

My body slowly feels lighter.

My mind slowly feels clearer.

Slowly, I am able to take deeper breaths.

And slowly, I tune more into myself, remembering what it feels like to be in my own energies again.

I feel closer to my spirit. I recognise myself again.

I breathe out a sigh of relief. It feels good to get in touch with myself again.

I feel a tingle of energies building up from within myself. I’m connecting more strongly with my spirit now.

I feel like I’m able to access the wisdom from within more reliably in this space. I’m able to access my inner guidance more strongly now.

This is when I pick up my pen, and open my journal.

I will my mind to be empty, and start to write.

I allow the words to flow from inside me onto the page, without thinking too much about them as I write.