Energy healing is a gentle hands-on therapy that is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, soothing therapeutic touch, and focused energy work. The effects of this are very relaxing and can usually assist you to drift into a deep and peaceful space.

An energy healing session is beneficial for helping to clear energy patterns that may be having a negative influence on you and how you feel.

Relaxing bodywork is a deeply soothing and relaxing experience that can leave you feeling in a profoundly peaceful state.

For most people in today’s society, having a time when they can let go of their stress and feel at peace, is like gold.

Relaxing bodywork helps to induce a profoundly relaxed state using a slow, rhythmic and hypnotic style, along with moments of stillness, where it can work more with the body’s energy system, and act to revitalise and re-harmonise energy flows within your body.

The prayers on this site are a collection of very meaningful and unique recorded audios, that have been specifically created to utilise your spiritual connection in assisting to provide you with comfort, strength, hope and inspiration.

Prayer audios help you reach out in your moments of need. They assist and invite you to tap into a reservoir of support, available from an Infinite Higher Power which constantly surrounds you, but which needs you to ask for that support to be more freely supplied.

These guided meditations are a collection of mp3 audios specifically created to help you with stress, anxiety, enhancing self-worth and much more.

Each meditation provides a calming and soothing narrative and is enhanced with peaceful background music that is specifically suited to the theme of the meditation.

Using these guided meditation as a self-care resource can help you manage feelings of anxiety and stress, and provide some much needed moments of relaxation.

From the blog

I just want to talk briefly about a very helpful and empowering self-care tool that I call a Focus Statement.

This is something that I often give to my clients as a take home tool after they have an energy healing session with me, because of its powerful ability to help you shed layers of suppressed emotions and feelings, and to diffuse limiting beliefs.

Whether you experience occasional bouts of depression, or if it’s something you have to deal with on a daily basis, the state of depression you feel can incapacitate you, and make you feel worthless, desperate and alone.

When you are in the midst of depression, your self-esteem usually gets obliterated.

Healing is a natural quality that comes from within. Being unaware of this will make you seek for healing through something external to yourself.

In order to access the healing within, it’s almost like you need to find the right settings for the healing force to be activated.

So it begs the question – what activates this healing force?

Emotions are what make us so uniquely human, yet they can be such a great source of pain and discomfort for us. When we are besieged by strong and powerful emotions, they can sweep us in a tide of uncomfortable feelings and cause us to feel completely overwhelmed.

Emotions are your body’s way of communicating with you. They reflect to you what’s truly going on inside yourself.

Each day, you are faced with a choice to be aware of what’s going on ‘under the hood’ with your emotions, or to let distractions command your attention so you don’t have to look or listen.