Peaceful Inner Sanctuary

Imagine being able to visit a special tranquil space where you can feel calm, peaceful and relaxed when you really need it. In this meditation, you are guided to use visualisation to create your very own private peaceful inner sanctuary.

Grounding with Mother Earth

This meditation assists you to ground your energies, by focusing your attention on the grounding connection you make with the Earth. A grounding connection helps you to feel more present, and helps you to feel more anchored within your body.

Releasing your tension

This guided meditation provides a calming narrative that helps you release feelings of tension and stress from your body. With the use of mindfulness, it guides you through a process for identifying where you feel tension in your body. Then

Energy Clearing & Balancing

Energy clearing and balancing is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, gentle pressure and focused energy work. The effects of this kind of therapy are very soothing, and help you drift into a deeply relaxed state. This

Group Meditation

A group meditation is a great opportunity to be part of a sacred space, in which you can feel centred and relaxed in a calm and peaceful environment. An evening of meditation and relaxation is an ideal way to unwind,

Spiritual Workshops

Spiritual workshops are an opportunity to explore interesting topics of spiritual development, to help you shape an expanded view of life, and give you tools to help you access a higher state of inner harmony.