Soul healing therapies of Energy healing and Relaxation Therapy.

Energy healing is a gentle hands-on therapy that is applied over clothing as a combination of rhythmic rocking, soothing therapeutic touch, and focused energy work. It is beneficial for helping to clear energy patterns that may be having a negative influence on you and how you feel.

Relaxation Therapy is a deeply soothing and relaxing experience that can leave you feeling in a profoundly peaceful state.

These prayer audios are a collection of very meaningful and unique recorded audios, that have been specifically created to utilise your spiritual connection to assist you with feelings of comfort, strength, hope and inspiration.

Prayer audios help you reach out in your moments of need. They invite you to tap into a reservoir of support, available from an Infinite Higher Power which constantly surrounds you, but which needs you to ask for that support to be more freely supplied.

These guided meditations audios are specifically created to help you with stress, anxiety and enhancing divine connection.

Each meditation provides a calming and soothing narrative and is enhanced with peaceful background music that is specifically suited to the theme of the meditation.

Using these guided meditation as a self-care resource can help you manage feelings of anxiety and stress, and provide some much needed moments of relaxation.

Remind yourself through this audio that you are so much more than what your eyes perceive, and that you are ever connected to a Grand Source of Divinity. This is the true source of your strength, light and truth.

Become conscious of this and remind yourself who you really are. A sacred soul, a spark of the Divine.

(Preview has background chime which is removed in your download.)

The melodic and calming ambience created by this meditation helps and encourages you to feel more at ease, and gently leads you to embrace a sense of love and acceptance, with the intent of surrendering to a deeper level of spiritual/emotional healing from within.

(Preview has background chime which is removed in your download.)

A meditation that has a very strong heart focus, aims to help you get in touch with the love in your own heart.

The purpose of this is to activate a resonance and vibration within you that is uplifting and potentially transformational. This is a love vibration generated in your heart, which then propagates throughout your entire body, and is felt by all the cells in your body.

All true healing happens from within, when barriers to self love are penetrated and transformed, allowing a flow of love, however subtle, to flow to you from your heart.

Being made to feel like you are not alone, can give tremendous relief to someone who is suffering from depression.

A spiritually focused guided meditation can help you connect and identify with a greater part of yourself that you may be unaware you possess.

This can help trigger a shift in your focus, which can be a catalyst to seeing yourself and life in a different light.

The effect of listening to such meditations can be like a having soothing balm applied to a sore wound.